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A Research Framework for Ocean Mapping


About the framework

HydrOffice represents a collaborative effort led by the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping to develop a research software environment with applications to facilitate all phases of the ping-to-chart process: facilitate data acquisition, automate and enhance data processing, and improve hydrographic products.

The environment, by minimizing the efforts to kick-start and by easing the configuration management, facilitates the creation of new tools for researcher, students and in the field; and, potentially, it eases the industrialization of some of these tools. The overall goal is thus to speed up both algorithms testing and Research-to-Operation (R2O).

Slides on Pydro & HydrOffice: Open Tools for Ocean Mappers presented at U.S. Hydro 2019

Slides on HydrOffice: past, present, future presented at the NOAA OCS FPW 2018

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