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The Hydrographic Universal Data Description Language

Huddl Features


Huddler represents an implementation of one of the many advantages of having available machine-readable Huddl Format Descriptions: a compiler that automatically creates drivers for data access and manipulation.

Huddler implements the Huddl-philosophy of constraining the description of the data format to the schema, so that the user has to touch the minimal amount of code to reflect any change in the data format specification.

Instead of having to change the user’s application code directly to reflect the format changes, changes to the schema are translated automatically by Huddler into the IO library that represents the data format, and this can be readily automated in most software build systems. In practice, changing to a new data format is as simple as changing the schema and then recompiling the library or application, as appropriate, leaving the programmer to work on the application logic using the new facilities added by the new version of the format.


The Huddler compiler is accessible via the command line or through a GUI application, named Hush (Huddl Schema Handler), which provides additional tools and information to the user.

Hush is an application designed to manage Huddl Format Descriptions (.hfd) and interacts with Huddler to create the data drivers.