This document describes the HydrOffice BAG library and tools (1.1). For the source code, go here.

How to install

General approach

  • the simplest way: pip install hyo2.bag

  • for the latest features: git clone ssh://

On Linux Mint

This document describes a tested configuration to install the BAG library on Linux Mint.

For use with a VM image:


  • Download 64-bit Python 3.6 miniconda:

  • Install it from terminal: bash

  • Install dependencies using conda (since with pip they may fail): conda install numpy matplotlib gdal lxml spyder

  • Finally use pip for hyo2.bag: pip install hyo2.bag


  • Open Spyder using the terminal: spyder

  • Write in the

from hydroffice import bag
print("BAG version: %s" % bag.__version__)
  • Run the script and you should get the library version without errors:



If you get issues on the installation, you may open a ticket: