This document describes the HydrOffice BRESS (2.3). For the project page, go here.

2.5. Gridy tool

Gridy is a simple tool to visualize and edit grid files (Fig. 2.18).


Fig. 2.18 The Gridy tool.

2.5.1. Input toolbar

The Input toolbar (Fig. 2.19) is mainly used to load/unload input files, and retrieve general information about them (Fig. 2.20).


Fig. 2.19 The Input toolbar.


Fig. 2.20 Example of histogram created by Gridy.

2.5.2. Edit toolbar

The Edit toolbar (Fig. 2.21) provides access to several editing tools:

  • Colormap tool.

  • Shift tool.

  • Modify tool.

  • Erase tool.

  • Mask tool.


Fig. 2.21 The Edit toolbar.