This document describes the HydrOffice BRESS (2.3). For the project page, go here.

2.4. Info Tab

The Info tab (Fig. 2.17) contains numerous helpful links and utilities:

  • The application home page

  • The Online User Manual (it requires an Internet connection)

  • The Offline User Manual (in PDF format, it does not require an Internet connection)

  • A Bug Report form (it is the suggested mean to submit a possible bug in the application)

  • The HydrOffice home page

  • The Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping home page

  • The University of New Hampshire home page

  • The License information

  • The Contacts information and the Authors List

  • An About dialog (with details on the local environment where the application is running)

info tab

Fig. 2.17 The BRESS’s Info tab.