3. Programming Basics with Python - Quick Start

3.1. Introduction

Programming Basics with Python is a collection of notebooks that aims to teach you programming basics in Python, assuming zero knowledge on the subject, in preparation for the labs and exercises in the Ocean Mapping courses.

You will not need to install Python on your computer, since the notebooks run on a CCOM/JHC server that has Python already installed.

Thus, what you need for this course is just:

no edge and explorer

To avoid visualization issues, please do not use Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or an outdated browser (e.g., Apple Safari is no longer updated for Windows). If you need to use one of these browsers, please contact us for specific instructions.

If you do not have access to a computer, you may use a tablet or a smartphone. In such a case, your user experience might be not optimal (due to the limited screen size and a few visualization issues).

3.2. First-time Access

If you landed on this page, you have likely got an email from CCOM/JHC. With the same email you should have also received:

Each time that you use the quick-access url with your browser, you will be welcomed by a login prompt (Fig. 3.1).

login prompt

Fig. 3.1 The login prompt that provides access to the CCOM/JHC server.

The very first time that you follow the quick-access url, you have to put in the login prompt:

  • In the Username field, the username that you received by email.

  • In the Password field, a strong password of your choice.

You need to remember the chosen password since it will be used any time that you want to access again the CCOM/JHC server.

For any following access, use the quick-access url, your assigned username, and the chosen password.

3.3. Welcome Notebook

After the login to the server, a welcome notebook will be open (Fig. 3.2).

welcome notebook

Fig. 3.2 The welcome notebook.

This notebook will provide you with:

  • The minimal set of notions required to begin to use a notebook.

  • Directions on how to access the other available notebooks.

3.4. Support

If you experience difficulties in completing the Programming Basics with Python training, it is important to seek help from all sources before your arrival at CCOM/JHC, including fellow students and instructors. We are always willing to help!

For issues or suggestions related to the above directions, write to epom@ccom.unh.edu.

3.5. Supplementary Material

Now you should be ready to go!