7. Signal Conditioning and Filtering - Quick Start

7.1. Introduction

Signal Conditioning and Filtering is a collection of notebooks that aims to teach you basic concepts in digital signal processing.

The notebooks assume the level of Python knowledge described in Programming Basics with Python notebooks. If you are not familiar with these latter notebooks, you should start from Programming Basics with Python - Quick Start.

7.2. Quick-Access Url

If you have already executed the Programming Basics with Python notebooks, you should know the mechanism on how to access the CCOM/JHC server. If you are not, see First-time Access.

The following quick-access url gives access to the notebooks collection on the server: quick-access url.

login prompt

Fig. 7.1 The login prompt that provides access to the CCOM/JHC server.

7.3. Support

For issues or suggestions related to the above directions, write to epom@ccom.unh.edu.