This document describes the HydrOffice Sound Speed Library and Manager (2019.2). For the source code, go here.

2.7. Appendix C - Exploring Profiles in NCEI format

Among many other formats (see Supported Formats), Sound Speed Manager is able to export the loaded sound speed profiles in NCEI format.

The NCEI format requires to store the profile data and metadata in NetCDF format. As such, the content of this format can be explored using applications that are able to browse the content of NetCDF file such as HDF Compass and Panoply.

2.7.1. About HDF Compass

HDF Compass enables you to view HDF5 datasets, attributes, and groups. Simple line, image, and contour plots are supported as well. HDF Compass does not provide any editing functionality.

If you are using Sound Speed Manager with the Pydro distribution (see Installation using the Pydro distribution), you can easily access HDF Compass from Pydro Explorer (Fig. 2.91).

Pydro Sound Speed Menu

Fig. 2.91 Pydro Explorer Sound Speed Menu.

2.7.2. How to explore a NCEI (.nc) file with HDF Compass

After opening HDF Compass from Pydro Explorer, select File and Open (see Fig. 2.92).

HDF Compass Home

Fig. 2.92 HDF Compass Interface.

The default file extension filter, HDF5 File contains the NCEI .nc file extension (see Fig. 2.93).

HDF Compass Browse Dialog

Fig. 2.93 HDF Compass Browse Dialog.

After opening the .nc file, HDF Compass allows the user to explore different data stored in the file. To view the file metadata, using the Window menu, reopen the file as HDF5 attributes (see Fig. 2.94).

HDF Compass Window Menu

Fig. 2.94 HDF Compass HDF5 Window Menu.

Your .nc file attributes will open in a new window (see Fig. 2.95)

HDF Compass Attributes

Fig. 2.95 HDF Compass .nc file Attributes.