This document describes the HydrOffice Sound Speed Library and Manager (2019.2). For the source code, go here.

3.3. How to distribute

3.3.1. Preliminary steps

  • First of all, run the full test suite and check that there are no failures.

  • Verify the release version in the following files:

    • setup.cfg


    • docs/

    • hydroffice/soundspeed/

    • hydroffice/soundspeedmanager/

    • hydroffice/soundspeedsettings/

  • Push any ‘release’ changes to GitHub/BitBucket

3.3.2. Update docs

  • Build the new docs as html (make html) and as pdf (make latexpdf)

  • Update the web site with the new html and pdf docs (urls too)

  • Update the embedded pdf docs

3.3.3. Freeze the app

  • Update the pyinstaller files under ‘freeze/’

  • Freeze the application and test it on a ‘clean’ VM

  • Upload the app on BitBucket

  • Update the download link and the version on the SSM web page

  • Update the latest file on the HydrOffice site

3.3.4. Final steps

  • Push any ‘release’ changes to GitHub/BitBucket

  • Create a ‘tag’ with the release

  • Create a GitHub release

  • Push the package on PyPI: ‘python build bdist_wheel upload -r pypi’

  • Start to work on the next release :)