This document describes the HydrOffice Sound Speed Library and Manager (2021.2). For the source code, go here.

4. SSM-SIS app

The SSM-SIS app is a simple application used to check the settings/interaction between Sound Speed Manager and Kongsberg SIS (Fig. 4.1).


To avoid interference with Sound Speed Manager keep it closed while using SSM-SIS.

SSM SIS init

Fig. 4.1 The SSM-SIS app with the default parameters.

4.1. Settings


For the settings required on the SIS side, see SIS v5 settings.

The Settings group box lists the app configuration settings:

  • SIS Version: switching between SIS4 and SIS5 loads the default settings for each of the two options.

  • Input port: the port used by SIS to broadcast the datagrams.

  • Output IP: the IP address of the SIS machine.

  • Output port: the port used by SIS to receive the sound speed profile. The default port should work.

  • Verbose: this flag increases the number of debug messages printed in the windows shell by the SSM-SIS app.

4.2. Commands

The Commands group box lists the app commands:

  • Start: to start the listening of SIS datagrams.

  • Require SSP: to send a message to SIS that should trigger the reception of the sound speed profile currently in use by Kongsberg SIS.

  • Send SSP: to send a fake sound speed profile to Kongsberg SIS. It should also trigger the reception of the same speed profile.

  • Stop: to end the listening of SIS datagrams.


Do not use the Send SSP command during regular survey operations because it will trigger the transmission of a fake sound speed profile.

4.3. Output

The Output view provides updates on the received and transmitted datagrams (Fig. 4.2).

SSM SIS output

Fig. 4.2 The SSM-SIS app showing the results of the interaction with Kongsberg SIS5.