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Huddl at US Hydro 2015

March 18, 2015, 10:05 a.m., author: gmasetti

A presentation about "Huddler: a multi-language compiler for automatically generated format-specific data drivers" is part of the US Hydro 2015 Technical Program.

Presentation abstract:

Huddl is a data description language, written in XML, designed to simplify and standardize the description of hydrographic data files.  In addition to providing a standard way to communicate a data format specification between manufacturer and user, in computer-readable format, Huddl descriptions can also be used to automatically generate both documentation and source code for the format from the same description document.  This paper describes the structure of a Huddl file description, and demonstrates the language for current and historical binary files, and a current ASCII file, showing both the automatically-generated source-code for the formats described, and the use of high-level (Python) code to access them in a user-friendly manner.




tags: huddl; presentation; ushydro