This document describes the HydrOffice BAG library and tools (1.1). For the source code, go here.

How to release


The documentation is built using sphinx:

  • pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild

To create the documentation in html format:

  • make html

To create the documentation in PDF format:

  • make latexpdf


From the root folder, run the command:

  • pyinstaller --clean -y freeze\BAG_<tool>.1file.spec

For the BAG_<tool>.1file.spec files, you need to verify that the following parameters are passed to the EXE() function:

  • console=False: to avoid that a console window is opened at run-time for standard I/O

  • debug=False: to avoid that the boot-loader issues progress messages while initializing and starting the bundled app


Some instructions can be found here:

  • pip install --upgrade build

  • py -m build

  • pip install --upgrade twine

  • twine upload --repository pypi dist/*

Remember to set the API token in the .pypirc setup file.